Photography Workshops


This Workshop is divided to four sessions, each of 3 hours.

Location: To be announced.

Date: Usually Saturdays from 3 to 6 pm

Registration: Fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as there is an open session.

Topics to be covered


• A bit of history

• How the camera works?

• Introduction to digital photography

• Lenses

    o Focal length

    o Zoom lenses

    o Aperture

• Exposure

    o The exposure triangle

        - Aperture

        - Shutter

        - ISO

    o Understanding f-stops

    o Freezing action

    o Blurring subjects

    o Coping with low light situations

    o Shutter speed VS aperture VS ISO (when to choose which)

    o Metering Modes Explained

• Depth of field

• Autofocus VS Manual Focus

  1. How to Hold a Digital Camera

  2. Other Related topics


• Quality of light and light temperature

• Understand white balance

• Understand histograms

• Composition Rules

    o Distracting backgrounds

    o Foregrounds for framing

    o Portrait vs landscape

    o Horizon - straight, where it's placed

    o ROT and 'rule breakers'

    o Simplicity

    o Leading lines

    o Closer/fill the frame

    o Eye level portraits

• Creating panoramic pictures and 360 images

• Time lapse photography

• Portrait photography tips

  1. Landscape Photography tips

  2. Other Related topics


• How and when to use flash

    o off camera flash

    o light modifiers

    o products and portrait lighting techniques

• Understanding dynamic range

• Understanding HDR

    o When and how to shoot HDR

    o HDR processing

    o Using "Photomatix" and "Dynamic Photo HDR"

• Understanding RAW


• Light painting or light graffiti

• Other Related topics


• Post-processing

• Photoshop basics

• Lightroom basics

    o Cropping

    o Straightening Horizons

    o Removing Chromatic Aberration

    o Removing Lens Distortions

    o Modifying Image Perspective

    o Increasing Depth of Field

    o Reducing Depth of Field

    o Sharpening

    o Vignetting

    o Color Adjustments

    o Levels

    o Curves

    o Color Balance

    o White Balance

    o Converting to Black & White

    o Brightness and Contrast

  1. Other Related topics

cost: 240$ for all 4 sessions (total of 12 hours) or 75$ per session of 3 hours (you can select which session to attend). Students will receive special rates.

Workshop Details

All you need to know about photography from how to hold the camera, to how to publish them. A great introduction to the passionate world of photography.